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Bio-Organic Catalysts

Optimising Anaerobic Digestion, Waste Water Treatment and Cleaning.

Renew-Sources offers Bio-Organic Catalysts (BOCs) for multiple applications in anaerobic

digestion, waste water treatment and cleaning.

The key attribute of Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc.’s BOCs is their ability to cause an immediate

catalytic breakdown of the molecular structures of organic contaminates. BOCs have

been perfected over many years of extensive research and applications’ development

based upon the Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc.’s patented composition formulations.

Bio-Organic Catalyst®:

Establish the conditions for rapid oxygen penetration into the cell wall of the microorganisms.

Increase the volume of biogas yields in anaerobic digestion system through increased solubilization of

components of waste stream.

Provide highly enriched bio-available nutrients required for optimizing biological transformation of

organic pollutants.

Significantly enhance the reduction of discharges in wastewater treatment facilities.

Degrade biological film growth, improving healthcare safety, reducing contamination and corrosion.

Degrade mineralization within tanks, pipes and filters.

Cleave (hydrolysis) the molecular bonds of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) to glycerol and fatty acids.

Offer superior performance in eliminating noxious and hazardous (odors) volatile organic compounds


Has the ability to substantially speed up the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).

Dramatically improves the microbial vitality in indigenous ecologies

We offer:

EcoSytem Plus®

Optimising Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Water Treatment

Improves Oxygen Transfer Increases Yields of Methane in Anearobic Digestion Reduces Aeriation Energy

Consumption Reduces Solids and Sludge Volumes.

EcoCatalyst Green® 

Advanced Bio-Catalytic Deep Cleaning & Odor Control Of Soils, Fats,

Oils, Greases & Hydrocarbons

Enhances breakdown of biological film growth, removing the residues that support septic

& odorous gas formation.Keeps drain lines clean and free flowing through the

breakdown of biological film growth and FOGs.Provides instant odor neutralization on

contact.Improves sanitation protocols with cleaner surfaces.Dissolves mineralization in tanks and lines.


Dissolves Fats, Oils, & Greases, Breaks Down Biological Film Growth, Eliminates Odors on


A breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) in septic sewage waters,

break the ester bonds of organic wastes, and offer a new advanced deep-cleaning model. It will instantly on

contact neutralized organic volatile compounds and transform the septic biological conditions that produce

noxious odors.


 Breakdown of biological film growth and mineralization formation

in irrigation and hydroponic type systems

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